6 Guy-Friendly Dates That She’ll Enjoy Too

Credit: Carmen Martinez Banus

Girls always want to go to the zoo, a park, some garbage like that. Guys would rather sit at home, play video games and drink beer. The result is that you go on the same date over and over again: dinner at an overpriced restaurant, both genders chugging wine to contain their boredom, followed by a movie, probably also a boring compromise. At some point, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt appears onscreen.

But going out with your lady doesn’t have to be that way. Girls love trying new things and going new places, so why not go someplace awesome? Here’s six great date ideas that you’ll both enjoy.

1. Whiskey Tasting

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Guys and girls love getting blitzed. The difference is that women like to pretend their drinking is classy. (Why do you think girls drink out of martini glasses and guys invented the keg stand?)

That’s why a whiskey tasting is a perfect compromise: whiskey is about as manly as alcohol comes, yet nothing is classier than sipping out of a tiny glass, saying things like, “Oh, this one has the nose of fresh sea air.” Bonus: you both end the date hammered.

2. A Bar With Outdoor Seating

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It’s hard to get your date excited to go to a “bar” for Miller Lites, so try these six magic words instead: “great little place with outdoor seating.” Ladies love outdoor seating. If it were up to them, every meal would be served outdoors and the food would be naturally cooked by the sun.

When pitching an adventure to a local watering hole, just remember: it’s not an afternoon of degenerate drinking; it’s an afternoon of lounging in the open air.

3. Tailgate Games

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We’ve established that everyone likes drinking and women love being outdoors. But tailgates, a celebration of sports involving excessive indulgence in meat and facepaint, are still too manly.

Don’t worry, you have a great angle up your sleeve: tailgate games. Whether it’s cornhole, washer toss or ladder golf, girls love tailgate games just as much as guys do, maybe even more. Let them throw beanbags while you go back to drinking Busch out of a plastic football.

4. Casino

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One of life’s great ironies is that women love games but hate gambling. Something about rapidly losing all your money is a huge turnoff. But for a lot of women, they just haven’t met the right game yet.

Sure, if you toss your non-gambling girlfriend onto a craps table, she’s going to be lost and upset. Instead pick a simpler game like Pai Gow Poker or Let It Ride. (You know, the games no respectable human ever plays.) The rules are simpler, the stakes lower. And if she’s a quick learner, you’ll be breaking Vegas together on your next date.

5. NBA Game

Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Getting a girl to watch sports can be the hardest shell to crack. Football is violent, baseball is boring and no one likes hockey.

Your best bet for a female-friendly sporting event is an NBA game. First, it’s the only sport with fun music while the game is actually happening. (It’s like a dance party with an orange ball!) And when the game’s stopped, it’s “Kiss Cam” time, which girls could stare at for hours.

Finally, NBA games are a great place to see and be seen. Just think of Beyonce and Jay-Z… it’s gotta be female-friendly if it’s Beyonce-approved!

6. Churrascaria

Credit: Cindy Ord/Stringer

The manliest of all things is red meat, but a steakhouse can be a tough sell. So instead, try a Brazilian steakhouse, known as a churrascaria. Simply hearing the word “Brazil” will set most women’s hearts aflutter. And while she’s impressed by your sophisticated taste, you’ll be feasting on an all-you-can-eat supply of red meat on a stick.

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