Catfight Breaks Out At ‘Macho’ Camacho’s Wake

Credit: GV Cruz/Getty Images

The woman kissing Hector “Macho” Camacho’s body in the above photo is his mother, which didn’t raise any eyebrows. But when another lady smooched the corpse, the wake became a title bout worthy of the deceased boxing champ.

Cynthia Castillo claims that she was Camacho’s girlfriend, which is why she lifted his funeral veil and made out with his remains. (You know, on the lips. Shudder.) This predictably upset Gloria Fernández, Camacho’s girlfriend of 25 years, as well as his two sisters, who all proceeded to duke it out with Castillo.

“I am the actual girlfriend of Macho, and those who don’t like it better not bring it,” Castillo said later. “They need to thank me, because unlike them, I was always by Macho’s side.”

But Camacho’s mother says that Castillo is “dangerous” and “the police were after her.”

Either way, this brawl is hugely impressive. Every man should aspire to have lovelorn females battling over his coffin. We’ve got a new contender for “The 10 Manliest Funerals Of All Time.” If Castillo had gone all the way and mounted the body, we’d have a new #1.

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Marty Beckerman (@martybeckerman) is the Associate Editor of Guy Code Blog