Weakling Thief Unable To Steal Purse From Little Old Lady

Photo via KTVK

This purse-snatcher might want to consider law school, because his current career isn’t panning out.

The man, whom Arizona police describe as approximately 5’9″ and in his late teens or early twenties, jumped 71-year-old Victoria Lansing in a grocery store parking lot, grabbing her handbag… except that she didn’t let go.

“Too many people just don’t put up a fight,” Lansing told a local TV news crew. “All I was concerned about was you don’t get that purse. That surprised him more than anything, because he wasn’t getting away with it.”

Lansing fell to the ground, sustaining bruises and scrapes, but clutched the purse tight. The thief ran away upon realizing that a female senior citizen had overpowered him.

“I feel pretty good about that,” Lansing says. “I won.”

And she has a message for her pathetic assailant: “You need to go get a job and work just like the rest of us.” (He also needs to go get a gym membership and work out.)

Lansing is thankful that the perp didn’t have a switchblade, although we’d still bet on her coming out victorious–because you don’t bring a knife to a granny fight. Video below:

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