Today’s Dumbass: Guy Steals Bait Car To Get On TV Show ‘Bait Car’

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If you want to become a reality TV star, you could release a sex tape or give birth to eight babies. Or you could just steal a car, if you suspect it’s equipped with a hidden camera.

On the Tru TV show “Bait Car,” police lay traps for auto thieves. But one fame-seeking guy knew the trap was the perfect chance to get on television. “Y’all ain’t foolin’ nobody,” says the thief, taking an illegal joyride.

Someone on the street warns him, “That’s a bait car, man!” The thief replies, “I know it is!” And when police arrest him, he explains with a giant smile, “I already knew … ‘Cause I watch the show!”

Unfortunately, that defense won’t hold up in a court of law. But is wanting to appear onscreen such a crime? (Apparently, yes.) The guy has charisma. Perhaps Tru TV could let him host a game show in which three contestants try to guess which car is the Bait Car, and the winner is charged with grand theft auto? We’d watch it.

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