5 Reasons Why Canadian Football Fans Booed Bieber

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The Grey Cup is Canada’s version of the Super Bowl. It pits the top two teams in the Canadian Football League together and it generates the same sort of hype that our Big Game does. Naturally, the Halftime Show is an over-the-top production featuring a larger-than-life rock star who is supposed to bring fans and non-fans together. Notice we said “supposed to.” Somebody apparently thought it’d be a great idea for Justin Bieber to be that guy. Wrong! What should’ve been an entertaining break in the action turned into a massacre of boos from our Canadian friends. While we’re not Maple Leafs, here are the five reasons why we think our Northern friends booed Biebs:

1. Sports & Bieber Don’t Mix

Guys use football as a break from their screaming daughters and ex-wives, who usually love Bieber. The pop star is a reminder of what the men there are trying to forget for three hours. Sports are a man’s getaway from life’s nonsense. There’s also the song selection of “Boyfriend” and “Beauty and a Beat“. Really? These are the songs you’re playing at halftime of a football game? Imagine if at the Super Bowl we see Beyonce thump out her hits “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” and “Run the World (Girls)” just as the game leaves off at a fevered pitch of testosterone and brutality. Wait a sec. That might actually happen. Moving along…

2. No one should be prettier than the cheerleaders

We don’t wanna see anybody dolled-up and jiggling around unless they’re gripping a pair of pom poms in a frilly skirt. The point is, Justin Bieber is too pretty to be dancing around a football stadium. Pigskin fans don’t take too kindly to pretty-boy heartthrobs (unless it’s Tom Brady in New England).

3. Not the guy Canadians want representing their music

Canada gets a bad rap when it comes to music. Years ago Bob Dylan‘s backup band, simply called The Band, proved that our Northern neighbors have the talent. Neil Young kept it going, but there is a severe drop-off after that unless you count The Arcade Fire (which you can if it helped you score with that indie-emo chick who works at the book store). Bieber ain’t the guy to re-invent the sound of Canada, especially since we had too much fun trashing Nickelback the past 10 years. We can’t blame those fans for feeling the same way. Hang in there, Canada.

4. Alcohol

They love their brew up north. We’re not judging, but is there any better reason to boo the crap out of a pop star than because you’re loaded? Of course not. Some of our best boo sessions have been inspired by the frosty graces of our favorite beverages. For example, NBA Commish David Stern at the Draft, Cavs fans “welcoming” LeBron back to Cleveland, and the entire city of Philadelphia at pretty much anything.

5. Because he wore this…

Credit: http://instagram.com/justinbieber

C’mon Biebs. Are you seriously trying to get everyone including the leader of your own nation to hate you? There’s no logic to this decision of an outfit other than Selena Gomez threw out all your good clothes. Only two kinds of people should wear overalls with one strap off: kindergarteners and the New Kids on the Block.

Bonus Reason: He’s Turning Into Vanilla Ice

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