Idiotic or Awesome: Embracing Strangers At ‘Cuddle Workshops’

Photo: Paramount Pictures

A cuddling sensation that started in London has apparently spread globally. According to the New York Daily News, more and more people are seeking the warm embrace of strangers at “cuddle workshops,” a respite from the brutally cold world consisting of diminished connectivity, pseudo-friendships on Facebook and text messages. But these workshops aren’t grabasstic free-for-alls that turn into wild orgies; there are rules: “Keep a layer of clothes on,” an English instructor told her class. “Place your sexual energy to one side. No kissing.” So there you have it–pay up for the opportunity to cuddle with whoever happens to appear at a class. It’s a bit unusual, so let’s see how this thing comports with Guy Code:


Place your sexual energy to one side? For real? Tell that to the women who get boners jammed into their kidneys or the guys that stalked by overly attached cuddlers. Save for a few truly clueless individuals, no one attends these classes to learn how to cuddle; they’re there for the intimacy. Isn’t that kind of sad? And how much different is this than prostitution, aside from the coitus? Organizers may call them cuddle workshops but in reality they’re cultish sexual-assault-a-toriums.


There’s a real lack of intimacy these days, so it’s understandable people may need help to fill that void, so good for those cuddlers. And no–this is nothing like prostitution (the world’s oldest profession!), which you may or may not have a problem with to begin with. These workshops are supervised and participants come clothed. If people really enjoy and benefit from the experience, who cares?

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