Talking Schulz: Baseball Needs Steroids To Be Interesting

Credit: Getty Images

During these bountiful days, it’s important to remember the less fortunate. And by that we mean, football fans should feel sorry for baseball fans. First, their sport isn’t in season. Second, no one besides them even cares. Despite Bounty-Gate, concussions and Michael Vick’s worthless fantasy football season, this year is yet another reminder of why football has replaced baseball as America’s Pastime. Even non-sports fans know what’s going on in the NFL–because it gives them a reason to drink on Sundays.

In this week’s “Talking Schulz,” comedian and “Guy Code” cast-member Andrew Schulz argues that baseball needs steroids to remain interesting. No one cares about in-field singles or stolen bases. We only care about huge home runs, like in the heyday of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Watch his video below and we defy you to disagree.

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