New Clip From Jim Tews’s Comedy Film ‘Make Fun’

Only a handful of standup comedians become household names, but many others go onstage regardless, hoping to reach a large enough audience to get paid for an hour per night. Fortunately, Kickstarter has leveled the playing field for ambitious comics looking to record an album or DVD of their material, such as those in the indie comedy special “Make Fun,” co-produced by Guy Code Blog contributor Jim Tews.

This feature-length movie, funded by fans and filmed in Cleveland, brings together comics who wanted to make something for themselves instead of waiting for a Hollywood green light. There’s no release date, but clips and bonus material are going up online, such as the below video featuring Lee Honeycutt. Be sure to keep up with the film’s progress, because you never know which underexposed comic will hit the A-list next.

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