Today’s Dumbass: Naked Man Climbs Atop London Statue For Three Hours, Tries To Eat It

Credit: Kristen Stahl/Twitter

It’s a triumph of travel whenever you’re a sightseer and a sight to see.

Dan Motrescu, a 29-year-old Ukrainian, ended his London vacation by removing all his clothes and straddling a statue of horse-mounted Prince George near the British Ministry of Defense. Naturally he tried to decapitate the 20-foot monument with his teeth (breaking two of them) and waved its sword around until cops arrested him a few hours later.

Motrescu’s antics continued in the courtroom, where he refused to answer the judge’s questions, fired his lawyer and demanded to face trial in the Ukraine. A British health care worker theorized that this was “possibly a psychotic episode.” Brilliant analysis, chap!

In addition to property damage and disorderly conduct, Motrescu was charged with weapon possession for wielding the sword. Remember, globetrotters: next time you climb a royal statue nude in the U.K., don’t pretend you’re a ninja. Video below:

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