Code Breakers: Was Chris Brown Wrong To Delete His Twitter Account?

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Twitter is useful for many things, such as getting into heated arguments with complete strangers and making fun of Chris Brown. But it looks like we won’t have Team Breezy to kick around any more.

On Sunday, Brown tweeted, “I look old as f—! I’m only 23.” Comedian Jenny Johnston replied, “I know! Being a worthless piece of s–t can really age a person.”

Usually celebrities ignore this kind of snark, but Brown impulsively deleted his Twitter account after ranting, “Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d— HOE,” “I should fart while ur giving me top” and (most charmingly) “mom says hello… She told me not to shart in ur mouth, wanted me to s–t right on the retina.” Not super clever burns–just kinda gross–but what do you expect from a guy who plead guilty to treating a woman like crap?

It’s a mystery why Brown snapped when he gets criticism all the time, but we have a different question: is it breaking Guy Code to delete your tweets if they land you in hot water? Let’s examine this from both sides…

Code Breaker

Your tweets form your online identity, and a guy shouldn’t apologize for expressing himself. Say what you mean and mean what you say, right? Besides, if you must walk back a horrendous statement, deleting your account isn’t taking responsibility; it’s just pretending that the screw-up never happened. And don’t expect those embarrassing tweets to go away, especially if you have millions of screenshot-capturing followers.

Code Upholder

“To thine own self be true,” implored William Shakespeare, sixteenth-century Guy Code master. So, if you know that you’re too reckless for your own good, deleting your Twitter account can save you from making an ass of yourself. Hey, discretion is the better part of valor. And it’s the better part of keeping your job, if you’re not a platinum-selling musician.

Then again, Brown has deleted his Twitter account before, only to reactivate it. We’re guessing that he’ll have plenty more to say in the near future, 140 characters at a time.

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