Today’s Badass: Old Man Scares Off Alleged Burglars With Homemade Bow And Arrow

Teenage thieves of Sacramento who prey on the elderly: your day of reckoning has arrived. Meet your new predator, 75-year-old Don Kiefert.

After burglars broke into the senior citizen’s home awhile back, he resolved that it would never happen again. On Saturday morning, Kiefert’s barking dog warned him of trouble: a couple adolescents had encroached upon his yard. So Kiefert busted out a homemade bow (and gnarly-tipped arrows) that he had made three decades earlier.

One suspect ran away, but the old man told the other, “If you try to run, I’m going to skewer you.” Not wanting to be skewered, the kid didn’t move until police arrived. The cops let him go absent evidence that he intended to steal anything, but he probably won’t return for any reason, ever.

Though Kiefert lacks Jennifer Lawrence‘s good looks, he’s got the confidence part down and showed his marksmanship. Watch the video below.


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