Diehard Degenerate: Sports Gambling NFL Week 12

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Sean Green hosts the Sports Gambling Podcast and is our expert on losing money.

There’s nothing like sweet sports gambling action to spice up boring quality time with your family, so I’m truly thankful that the NFL has decided to add a Thursday night game to the Thanksgiving Day slate. With over nine hours of games, if you end up watching the National Dog Show or the Macy’s Day Parade, you only have yourself to blame.

Houston Texans -3 at Detroit Lions

Houston is 4-0 ATS on the road and their fast team will be well-suited for playing in a dome. Last year, Lions fans’ petition to prevent Canadian “rockers” Nickleback from playing on Thanksgiving fell on deaf ears. This year, American rocker Kid Rock is performing, so everyone in Detroit will have something to cheer for on Thursday.

Washington Redskins +3.5 at Dallas Cowboys

It’s tough to tell what’s bigger in Dallas: the Jumbotron or the ego of owner and general manager Jerry Jones, who once again has failed to construct a real contender. The last three games between these teams have been decided by an average of 2.7, so I’m on board with RG +3.5.

New England Patriots -6.5 at New York Jets

The Jets suck.

Indianapolis Colts -3 vs Buffalo Bills

I’m going to keep riding this Colts team. Andrew Luck will gash the Buffalo defense for a big win on Sunday.

Miami Dolphins +3 vs Seattle Seahawks

Reggie Bush treats footballs like his girlfriends: he’s not afraid to drop one at a moment’s notice. The Dolphins have struggled with fumbles, but Seattle to Miami is one hell of a road trip for this Seahawks team, so you’ve got to love the home dog here.

Thanksgiving Football Drinking Game

Mention of “Galloping Gobbler”: Take 1 drink.

Mention of “Turducken”: Take 2 drinks.

Emotional outburst from loved one who mistakenly wagered large amounts of money on the aforementioned lead pipe locks: Take three drinks, and don’t hold me responsible.

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Sean Green (@greenroomshow) is a comic, podcaster and degenerate gambler living in Los Angeles