Spanish Politician Wears Deer Testicles As Hat

Photo via Ultima Hora

Can you believe the balls on this guy?

During a 2011 hunting trip, Carlos Delgado didn’t just cook up venison like a normal person who slaughters wildlife for fun. No, the Spanish tourism minister castrated the dead animal and placed its cojones atop his cabeza while flashing a Nixon-like peace sign with each hand. And now, Spain’s animal rights activists want to neuter him.

“This is harming Spain’s image and dragging the country back to the 11th Century,” said Chesús Yuste, coordinator for a PETA-like organization called the Parliamentary Association in Defense of Animals. “He is a minister for tourism, but what kind of tourism is he promoting here?”

We have absolutely no idea. In his own defense Delgado said, “I like hunting, fishing and all the other sound activities that all Spanish people like.” Because all Spaniards like to balance a buck’s nuts on their scalps?

Look, we’re not vegetarians–we’d happily eat Bambi along with our Thanksgiving turkey–but when you teabag yourself with a slain beast’s scrotum, you’ve crossed some kind of unholy line. Next time you want to wear a hat, dude, go with a sombrero.

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Marty Beckerman (@martybeckerman) is the Associate Editor of Guy Code Blog