Today’s Badass: College B-Baller Scores 138 Points In Single Game

Photo: Grinnell College

Last night Grinnell College Pioneer sophomore guard Jack Taylor obliterated a longstanding NCAA record for points in a single game with 138, a cool 25 better than the previous record holder netted in 1954. You may be wondering, Did Taylor & Co. play a group of uniformed toddlers? No. Did he actually playing an elongated Pop-a-Shot game at an arcade? Nah. Grinnell competed against Faith Baptist Bible College‘s men’s basketball team which managed to score over 100 in the 179-104 defensive struggle.

Still not impressed? Grinnell reports that Taylor also broke NCAA records for field goals (52), field goals attempted (108), 3-pointers (27) and 3-pointers attempted (71).

“That’s crazy, man. I don’t care what level you’re at. Scoring 138 points is pretty insane,” said Kobe Bryant. Fair enough, Kobe.

Taylor’s 108 field goals in only 36 minutes amounts to one attempt every 20 seconds. You may also be wondering, “Was the shot clock set to seven seconds?” Not that we’re aware of. Taylor shot 38% from beyond the arc and 68% inside it, adding seven points at the free throw line.

“He must have been wearing the Mambas, man,” said Kobe. “Only Mambas have no conscience to shoot the ball that much.”

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