Is Your Mustache Creepy, Or Are You Creepy? (Video)

Seen guys with mustaches everywhere lately? It’s because of Movember, the pro-facial hair male cancer awareness campaign. Or maybe you’re just living in a hipster neighborhood.

But the road to creepiness is paved with good intentions. Let’s face it: growing a mustache comes with the risk of looking like a weirdo. For every guy who successfully rocks the ‘stache (Brad Pitt, Hulk Hogan, Teddy Roosevelt, etc.), some poor bastard looks like a ’70s porn star… or worse. So how do you make a statement without making everyone nervous?

Well, you probably shouldn’t drive a windowless van. Or stand right behind strangers. Or do anything else the guy in the below video does. ‘Cause the mustache isn’t the real problem…

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