Milwaukee Cop Beats The Crap Out Of A Clown

Photo: YouTube

A clown/activist in Milwaukee caused a brouhaha outside city hall the other day after police received multiple calls that the unruly jester was darting in and out of traffic squirting cars with a water gun. Mitch, a bystander who recorded the ridiculous wrestling match between cop and clown, said, “A cop is beating up a clown. How could I not capture this on video and show it to all my friends?”

Well done, Mitch. To be fair to the clown, if the brawl were scored like a wrestling match, the clown would probably have scored five points at the start when he took the cop down after a failed lateral throw; then the clown took control of the cop who was on his back before the cop started punching the clown. Did this actually happen? Why yes, yes it did. Another cop might have actually tazered the colorful outlaw, too, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The unsung hero of the outstanding video is a giant bear on top of a bicycle. Enjoy.

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