Les Miles Tells (Female) Fans To Kiss His Players On The Mouth

LSU head football coach Les Miles has once again proved that not all press conferences are predictable, Belichick-ean snooze fests. Quite the contrary with Miles this past weekend, whose now-seventh-ranked Tigers edged SEC rival Ole Miss with a one-yard touchdown run in the final seconds.

There’s no single word to adequately describe or summarize Miles’ speech, which was one part spirited pride, one part social commentary and one part bizarre chicken dance. Aside from being a solid head coach (save for his tenure at Michigan, which he addresses), Miles is known for his quirky behavior, like aggressively picking his ear on a sideline and eating grass to humble himself. This time Miles delivered a healthy dose of pride, urging LSU fans (females only, he said) to put their arms around his players and “give them a big kiss on the mouth.” He also demonstrated that sometimes no word but “f***” will suffice. WOW-EEE!!

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