Mark Long Of ‘The Challenge’ Explains How To Not Become A Thanksgiving Fatass

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A successful Thanksgiving leaves you with a belly full of stuffing-topped turkey, gravy-topped potatoes, ice cream-topped pumpkin pie and eggnog-topped whiskey. But mostly it just leaves you with a belly, which you can pat and call your “food baby.” Except that it might hurt your chances with the ladies on New Year’s Eve.

Mark Long, veteran MTV personality (“Real World,” “The Challenge“) and fitness guru, is here to help. Below the cut, he answers our questions about “Guy Code” violations at the gym, the Shake Weight’s legitimacy and his appetite-cutting product Pocket Protein.

Tell us about Pocket Protein.
About three years ago, me and three of my buddies–Mike Kauffman, Dr. Lyttleton Stewart, and Dr. Gio Valiante–got together and were talking about health tricks. One of the things that we recognized is that there’s basically fats, carbs and proteins… the protein is the hardest to come by; it’s time-consuming and expensive.

If you take a Pocket Protein throughout the day with any carb snack, whether it be a bag of chips or a bagel, it instantly turns that carb snack into a meal. Protein slows down your digestive process and you stay fuller longer.

Is it safe to pair with binge drinking?
We actually came up with a drink called the “Sneaky Bitch.” You can take a Pocket Protein pink–sneaky strawberry–with vodka and soda water. It tastes good and you’re balancing out [the alcohol] with protein to help process the liquor.

How do you avoid the holiday gut?
I’m a big believer in having cheat days. I try to practice healthy eating … throughout the week, but I always allow myself that one day where I can go absolutely crazy. And when I say crazy I mean Mrs. Fields for lunch. I can’t wait to get back on my healthy diet because I feel so gross from all the crap I’ve put in my system.

Credit: Mark Long

What’s your daily fitness routine?
I’m usually a morning workout guy. I go to the gym now more for a mental release than how I look. Every time I exercise in the morning, I leave feeling positive and energized, and it helps me throughout my entire day.

Do you think the Shake Weight is a credible piece of workout equipment?
I actually got to feel and hold a Shake Weight during a TV Guide Network special I did. I don’t think it’s going to get you the results you want as fast. But let me tell you, if you pick up that Shake Weight and start shaking it, you’re going to feel it in your muscles. At the very least, you’re going to get a mini cardio workout–even though you look like you’re shaking some crazy sex toy.

Do you have any good pick-up lines you use at the gym?
I don’t like to approach girls at the gym. I feel like the iPod in the ears is a definite “Don’t talk to me or I will bite your head off.” Nothing’s worse than when a girl’s running on the treadmill and she pulls her headphones out and is like, “Why the f*** are you trying to talk to me right now?” I’ve seen it happen a lot.

What’s something guys do at the gym that’s a total violation of the Guy Code?
Oh, guys that grunt and make noises when they work out. No one wants to see the guy in the gym that looks like the meathead gorilla yelling and breathing heavy and grunting and throwing weights around.

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Fallon Prinzivalli (@iamqueenfal) could really use a Sneaky Bitch right now.