Brandon Marshall Accidentally Tweets Nude Locker Room Photo

Credit: @BMarshall

It’s never a good idea to snap photos inside an occupied locker room. You might as well break into your teammates’ houses and upload Instagrams of them in the shower.

Case in point: Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall received a shirt from his alma mater, the University of Central Florida. He promptly wore, photographed and tweeted it to his 750,000 followers. The only problem? Right behind him, a Bear was bare.

Deleting the Twitpic was pointless — it had already gone viral — but at least Marshall tried to walk it back:

The offending photo was accompanied by the message, “Like a kid in the candy store. Look what was in my package.” This would’ve been way, way more awkward if the currently unnamed teammate had been facing the other direction.

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Marty Beckerman (@martybeckerman) is the Associate Editor of Guy Code Blog