15 Tattoos Incorporating Or Covering Scars

Photo: tattooartists

Make cool tattoos incorporating or covering scars. Put another, traditional way, make lemons out of lemonade.

Every scar tells a story, sometimes a tale about war, in some cases about a clumsy person who tried watching a small kitchen TV while cutting food. Not a good idea. Anyhow, some people like to show scars off, others cover them up and apparently a bunch of other people actually build an entire tattoo around them. We found zipper-scar tats, tattoos using animals and many more for you to check out. So next time you get injured and scar tissue forms, remember, you just might have the foundation for some fresh ink.

Photo: crack hospital

Photo: neatorama

Photo: palgn/modblog

Photo: palgn/modblog

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Photo: vwtforum

Photo: photobucket

Photo: mental floss

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Photo: rankmytattoos

Photo: rankmytattoos

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