Diehard Degenerate: Sports Gambling NFL Week 11

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Sean Green hosts the Sports Gambling Podcast and is our expert on losing money.

Want proof of Hollywood’s beauty obsession? Bradley Cooper was cast as a Philadelphia Eagles fan in “Silver Linings Playbook.” I’ve been to plenty of Eagles tailgates, and the average fan looks more like Danny DeVito. Their six-packs are exclusively beers, not abs.

Moving onward…

Miami Dolphins +1.5 at Buffalo Bills

Thursday night has been a treat for the dogs, as they’ve gone 8-2 ATS. Sure, the Dolphins got worked by the Titans last week, but they underperformed the spread by more than 21 points, which is a great sign for an underdog pick. The Bills struggle to circle the wagon, and instead find a way to die from dysentery.

Indianapolis Colts +9.5 at New England Patriots

Andrew Luck has brought great fortune to gamblers all year. The surprising Colts have gone an impressive 6-3 against the spread. The New England defense has allowed 22.3 points per game, as Bill Belichick struggles to find a winning defense without Watergate-like tactics. The Colts are the cat burglars of the NFL, always finding the back door open for a late cover.

Oakland Raiders +5 vs New Orleans Saints

The media has been quick to anoint the Saints as second-half stars, as they’ve won four of their last five. However, it’s all about the spread, and the fast-break New Orleans offense doesn’t do well on natural grass, going a measly 1-3 ATS. The Saints’ defense is as soft as a well-marinated John Madden turducken. Give me the Raiders at home getting five.

Prosperous Prop Bets

First score in Miami vs Buffalo: Dolphins Rushing TD +900

The Dolphins have 11 rushing TDs, and they’ll get one here as Miami’s goal line offense is stronger than General Petraeus’s sex drive.

Total Field Goals Made Arizona vs Atlanta: Over 3.5 +120

Two good kickers plus one windless dome equals tons of solid kicking.

Odds, 2013 Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series: ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:’ 100/1

Really funny show, great long shot bet… and I feel bad for mocking Danny DeVito in the opening paragraph.

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Sean Green (@greenroomshow) is a comic, podcaster and degenerate gambler living in Los Angeles