Today Is National Guy Code Day! Happy 1-Year Anniversary

One year ago today, “Guy Code” first aired on MTV2 and started answering all the questions you’d previously been stressing. The premiere episode introduced the concept of Guy Code, for those fools in the dark, and tackled questions such as: How much manscaping is too much? What are the rules of sexting? How do you camp like a caveman? Is bottle service really worth the money? (Also, it featured J. Cole introducing everyone’s favorite segment, “Good-Ass Night,” by telling his version.)

Since the show has already done so much in only one year, we’ve decided to officially declare November 15 as National Guy Code Day! Today you celebrate the code by sticking to it like glue. Make sure to trim your pubes, but don’t shave them. Call your mom and thank her for raising you (but probably not while you’re trimming your pubes). And perhaps today is the only day of the year you treat your crew to bottle service! Everyone can celebrate National Guy Code Day in their own way, so it’s time to start individual traditions.

Tweet #NationalGuyCodeDay and tell us what you’re doing to celebrate. We’ll collect our favorite answers in a post tomorrow, so others can be inspired for next year.

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