Idiotic or Awesome? Couple Bangs In Public Because ‘Everyone Was At Soccer Game’

Photo: Mashada

In 2006, an Italian couple consisting of a 60-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman knocked bottoms in the great wide open and was convicted of obscene acts in public. (Kudos to the older man, by the way.) The couple appealed the ruling to no avail, Reuters reports, maintaining their innocence because they had timed their romp to coincide with a national soccer match when they knew (or assumed) everyone would be inside watching on TV. Apparently the Italian justice system wasn’t ready to carve out an exception for public boning while people are supposedly watching sports. We thought European countries had more liberal attitudes about sex than America the prude. So that was the Italian ruling and this is our court of public opinion, so let’s decide:


Was it worth it? To get dragged through court? The pair said they planned the coitus, but maybe that was merely the defense. Perhaps they were coming home from a movie or a pub and just couldn’t wait to put the meatloaf in the oven. Who really plans to have sex outside? That’s not very romantic. Similarly, to have public sex when everyone is inside takes away the very element of danger that makes public sex a thrilling sexual endeavor. Whatever the motivation, there’s always the possibility of getting caught and getting penalized, which ultimately happened. The good news is, the Italian soccer team won its match 3-0 that day.


Good for them! If a couple reasonably expects privacy even when it’s outside, they should have sex. Humans live a short life and should spend as much of it as possible copulating with a loved one. So why not do it sometimes while getting a little fresh air on the undercarriage? Good for this couple to fight the law for the sake of free sexual expression. Who would really be offended by the act? People who can’t get laid?

What do you say?

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