Fantasy Picks & Chicks Week 11: Choosing Fantasy Starters By Their Ladies

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Instead of racking your brain with deep statistical analysis, why not make your fantasy picks based off their corresponding fantasy chicks?

Injuries and bye weeks can make these last few weeks of regular season fantasy football particularly tricky. No shock that Michael Vick is out, but so is Ben Roethlisberger, which is a surprise because normally he doesn’t take no for an answer. Between their jobs and their women it’s tough not to be jealous of these guys, however you can still be the envy of your office by taking home a fantasy title with these picks.

Joe Flacco vs Andrew Luck

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Joe Flacco has averaged a solid 18.93 fantasy points per game and his high school sweetheart turned wifey Dana Grady is a hottie you would be sure to hang on to in any keeper league. I scored her a 9.8 bringing their combined score to 27.93.

Andrew Luck is battling it out for rookie of the year and putting up consistently good fantasy numbers averaging 20.24 points per game. Luck has been just as fortunate off the field, scoring great looking gymnast Nicole Pechanec. Throw in the whole gymnast-in-the-bedroom angle, giving her an extra bonus point, for a gold medal score of 31.24.

Winner: Andrew Luck

Brandon Marshall vs Brian Hartline

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With the help of rookie QB Ryan Tannehill, Brian Hartline has been able to help establish himself as a top fantasy receiver chalking up 10.01 points per game. His wife Lindsay certainly couldn’t be classified as a possession receiver and clearly has the breakout looks to be a number one on any team. I’ll rate Lindsay a 9.5 for an overall score of 19.51.

Brandon Marshall’s stats have been up and down his entire career. This year he’s having a peak year with Jay Cutler helping him snag 14.71 fantasy points per game. He’s also consistent off the field as he’s stayed married to wife Michi Nogami-Marshall even after she stabbed him. If you stick with a gal after she’s stabbed you it means you know the meaning of true love and she must be a demon in the sack, bringing their combined couple total to a staggering 26.71.

Winner: Brandon Marshall

If you need help deciding your fantasy football match-ups, tweet @greenroomshow early in the week and I’ll include them in this week’s column.

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