Today’s Dumbass: Man Crashes Car Into House, Offers Owner Slice Of Pizza

Credit: William Kise/Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept

It was the least welcome pizza delivery in history.

According to police, William Kise of Indianapolis, Indiana had downed five beers prior to driving home — but he never got there, because he drove his Ford Mustang into a home.  The guy who owned the house ran downstairs to investigate the noise. In an attempt to smooth things over, Kise stepped out of his car and asked, “You want some pizza?”

Kise claimed that his foot got stuck on the accelerator, causing the crash. Yeah, that’ll happen when you’ve nearly emptied a six-pack all by yourself, and you’re more focused on sprinkling your pie with Tabasco than on the road. Police discovered a box of pizza and a bottle of hot sauce in the backseat.

No word on whether the homeowner accepted the offer. But seriously, who turns down a free slice?

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