18 Ridiculous Local Commercials Featuring NBA Players

It’s an NBA rite of passage to star in a cheesy local commercial with little production value. You haven’t made it as a pro until you’ve peddled pasta or talked up a car dealership before a green screen.

Recently, for example, a group of Oklahoma City Thunder players stepped up as faces for Norman Chrysler. Only Kendrick Perkins was reluctant to join the chorus. “I ain’t gonna sing that goofy song,” Perk said. The rest of the Thunder sang gleefully:

Hey, if someone is willing to kick you some cash to read a short script during free time, wouldn’t you take it? Although some of these ads are more shameful than others…

The Raptors’ Andrea Bargnani is fueled by Primo Pasta and Sauce

Take it from former Nuggets PF Chris “Birdman” Anderson: Mattress King is legit!

Spurs’ Gary Neal apparently hangs out in a Ford SUV with high school girls

Former Mavericks center D.J. Mbenga says “Taco!”

The Lopez brothers crash a small gymnasium for Disney XD

Gordon Heyward dominates a punchless Bailey’s Moving and Storage team

Bailey’s moves disgruntled guards seeking a trade out of town

Hedo may win an Oscar for these two Pizza Pizza-inspired lines

Scottie Pippen has a mid-court picnic with two cheerleaders and a six-foot sub

Larry Bird convincingly shows his appreciation for Scotch ‘n’ Sirloin

Poor Manu Ginobili was just trying to help feed his teammates

Here Everything’s Better… except the acting

Tayshawn Prince’s talents are just like a window replacement company’s

Brendan Haywood and Carmelo Anthony have credit at Easterns Motors

Rip Hamilton, contact lens wearer

Steve Nash smashes people with basketballs to promote green energy

Dikembe Mutombo has scrap metal to sell!


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