Gift Guide 2012: What Your Headphones Say About You

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With Halloween blowing right by us, it’s only a matter of time until the holidays are at our doorstep. That’s why it’s time to start dropping our holiday gift guides now–so our readers avoid long lines at the mega malls.

One gift any man with taste can appreciate is a new set of “cans.” Headphones have become a way to express your personality without saying too much. That’s why we’ve  matched up some of newest headphones to the guy each pair best fits. After reviewing some of the latest and greatest of this year’s batch, we came up with a list of 10 headphones and what they say about you.

Sony X Headphones

Credit:Sony Electronics

Price $300
What They Say About You: For the guy who feels the need to sit back and judge others. These pillow-like headphones sound solid enough to justify spending three large bills for a pair of Sony X headphones.

Sol Republic Collegiate Headphones

Credit:Sol Republic

Price $130
What They Say About you: For the guy who loves to show off his college teams colors. Sol Republic’s Collegiate Series allows you to customize your headphones with bands of your school colors and team logos. You can even change schools mid-season by just changing the band and no one is the wiser.

Fanny Wang 1000 Series Headphones

Credit:Fanny Wang

Price $169
What They Say About You: For the guy who doesn’t set foot outside without being matched up like a mannequin in a Gap store window. The affordable 1000 series come in enough colors to make any outfit stand out (like it or not).

Inland Lightweight Headphones

Price $10.00
What They Say About You: Simply put, you are a cheap bastard. With most people thinking you stole them from your last flight; it’s safe to say that style is the last thing you are concerned with. One nice thing about the Inland’s is that you can wear them in a rough neighborhood and not worry about getting jumped for them.

Plantronics BackBeat Go


Price $99
What They Say About You: For the guy who doesn’t want to hide the fact he uses a Bluetooth device. BackBeat Go‘s drop in your ear and use Bluetooth to grab calls and listen to Pandora all the while not making you look like “one of those guys.”

Astro Gaming A50 Headphones


Price $299
What They Say About You: For the guy who spends hours breaking in the latest version of “Halo” in a dark room. AstroGaming A50‘s oversized cups deliver kick-ass surround for hours of couch-molding game time.

SkullCandy Navigator


Price $99
What They Say About You: For the jet-setting guy who isn’t afraid to use his sky-miles to fly across the pond on a first date. Skullcandy Navigators feature lightweight design with sound that might make the TSA confiscate them for “official” use.

JayBird SportsBand

Credit: JayBird

Price $99
What They Say About You: For the guy who would rather lift a dumbbell than a beer bottle on a Friday night. The Sportsband comes in nine colors, resists sweat and streams your music via Bluetooth. Not a bad way to get through your workouts.

RHA 950i Portable Headphones


Price $60
What They Say About You: For the guy who recommends an obscure band six months before they become popular. RHA‘s are new from England and are small enough in popularity now that they would qualify as cool.

Monster Inspiration

Credit:Monster Headphones

Price $300
What They Say About You:For the guy who thinks it’s OK to wear a sub-woofer on his head around others. With thunderous bass and noise isolation, Monster Inspirations will certainly piss someone off when they sit next to you on your next commute.

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