New Film ‘Skinja’ Combines Two Of Your Favorite Things: Ninjas And Strippers

Photo: Skinja

New York-based comedian/director Dan Goodman recently finished his Kickstarter-funded movie “Skinja,” which is (of course) a story about a stripper turned ninja. Two things that, for some unknown reason, have not previously been put together on film.

We asked Dan a few quick questions about combining martial arts and lap dances for the innovative action-comedy.

Give us the quick elevator synopsis for “Skinja.”
“Skinja” is about a stripper by night, ninja by later that night. She’s a single mom whose baby daddy wouldn’t pay child support, and the city took her kids because of her sex/karate lifestyle. Now there’s only two things that matter to her: getting paid and getting her kids back. “Skinja” is where Ass meets Assassin.

Was this based on a true story?
Yes, it’s based on the true story of me wishing this was a true story.

Did you try to sell this idea to anyone in the industry first, or did you go straight to crowd-funding?
Straight to crowd-funding. I had been doing it as a joke onstage for a year or two. People would ask me when I was going to make the movie, so I figured crowd-funding would be the quickest way to do it.

Are you a big fan of strip clubs?
Yes, I’d rather wear a jersey that says “Stripper” than “Jeter.” And give me a big foam dollar bill to wave around too.

Do you consider yourself an advocate for exotic dancers? I feel like this movie would be kind of empowering for them.
I’m very pro-stripper. They do God’s work … ’cause God can’t be bothered to jerk me off. Strippers are great, giving to people that just need help in life. They have lots of problems — like they love to text on their phones, but are always late and never know what time it is.

What was your film background before this?
I watched a lot of movies with my dad, who was a freelance videographer … and in general is a pretty awesome storyteller. … While doing stand-up I shot some no-budget sketches and they looked and sounded bad. No lighting. So when I got a budget, I knew what I wanted. And thankfully when I didn’t, my crew told me what I wanted.

Do you have any advice for “Guy Code” readers on strip club etiquette? Particularly, how not to upset a stripper who might use ninja skills to kill you?
Tip the girls who are nice and don’t tip the girls who aren’t. Strip clubs are the one place on the planet where you’re in charge for a dollar, but everyone loves a benevolent king so spread it around. However, if the girl displays any ninja tendencies, get a lap dance with her immediately. Ancient Chinese pressure points can be used for pain or pleasure.

Check out Skinja’s official Tumblr for regular updates and more info. Watch the trailer below:

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Jim Tews (@jimtews) is a comedian/amateur astrologer living in New York city.