8 Great Marching Band Fail GIFs

College and high school marching bands are an integral part of football’s pageantry. It takes an awful lot of practice and (yes) athletic ability to swirl around a football field with a tuba or clarinet without missing a note. But the task is not without risk: it’s pretty damn easy to miss a step and fall face-first into a pile of chewed-up grass.

So with this collection of band fail GIFs, we’re not only laughing at them; we’re also sympathizing… but we’re mostly laughing.

1. The blonde girl in the middle falls and gets wrecked

2. Man down! We’ve got a man down!

3. Meet the trombone section

4. Uncle Rico and his baton

5. Saxophone girl is tackled by the grass monster

6. Big instruments fall hard

7. False start on some dude in the end zone

BONUS: Because some videos are meant to retain sound:

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