Tecmo Super Bowl: Where Are They Now?

Most guys who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s will name “Tecmo Super Bowl” among their favorite NES games, and for good reason: it’s a sports classic, beautifully simple but mostly just beautiful. Let’s take a look back at the stars of “Tecmo Super Bowl” and see where they are now, 20 years after that magical 1991 season.

1. Bo Jackson

Lightning fast with an uncanny ability to break tackles, Bo was possibly the greatest dual-sport video game athlete of all time. Unfortunately he didn’t enjoy the same success in real life. He never even played the 1991 season because of a devastating hip injury, although he was able to return to baseball. After retiring from sports, he dedicated his life to charity, including a 300-mile bike ride (“Bo Bikes Bama”) to help raise more than $600,000 for Alabama tornado victims.

We’d be remiss to leave out Bo’s insane 99-yard run before moving on to the next player:

2. Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor had a knack for sniffing out QB sacks… and cocaine. Although dominant in “Tecmo,” the 1991 season marked the beginning of the end of LT’s playing days; he recorded only seven sacks that year (low by his standards) and failed to make the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career.

LT once said in an interview with Howard Stern that his life consisted of golf during the day and strip clubs at night. Drugs and financial problems plagued Taylor after he hung up the cleats, and in 2011 he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct for having sex with an underage prostitute.

3. QB Eagles

A.K.A. Randall Cunningham, who could launch bombs and scramble across the field better than Michael Vick in his prime. But the 1991 NFL season was a disaster for Cunningham: he tore his ACL during the first game and missed the entire season.

Post-retirement, Cunningham has finished a UNLV film degree and formed a Christian rap group. Enjoy this taste of the “80s with the Eagles” hilarious Buddy Ryan Rap:

4. Christian Okoye

The Nigerian Nightmare haunted the dreams of “Tecmo Super Bowl” players who made the tragic mistake of attempting to tackle him. 1991 was a career year for Okoye: he racked up 1,031 yards, averaging 4.6 per carry.

In recent years, Okoye has operated his gym Okoye Health & Fitness and appeared on CBS reality series “Pirate Master,” but was forced to walk the plank after earning no gold.

5. Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas’s devastating defensive ability rivaled Lawrence Taylor’s. The 1991 NFL season was one of his many great years: 13.5 sacks and 60 solo tackles. A decade later, Thomas’s post-football life was cut short in a horrific car crash. His legacy lives on through his Third and Long Foundation for literacy. In 2009 he was inducted into the Pro Football Half of Fame.

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Sean Green (@greenroomshow) is a comic, podcaster and degenerate gambler living in Los Angeles