10 Football Coaches Throwing Headsets In Anger

Photo: TheBiglead

Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey lost it last night after effusively praised wunderkid Andrew Luck took a QB sneak into the endzone to put the Colts up 17-0 . A coach launching his headset is the universal sign of complete and utter frustration. Some guys are known for having short fuses, some others who usually lay low have lost their tempers and chucked the hardware. In all cases, the scene is thoroughly entertaining. Inspired by Mularkey, check out 10 of the best GIFs and images of these headphone tosses known to man.

Steve Spurrier’s sidearm toss

Saban, with authority!

Rex Ryan loses the hat too

Watch closely as a Titans assistant coach throws his headset while Steelers running back Isaac Redman breaks along the sideline for a 55-yard run

Falcons coach Mike Smith with a Gronk-spike!

Photo: MPF

Romeo Crennel, former head coach of a very bad Browns team

Photo: Ohio

Mike Tomlin awkwardly drags the still-attached headset

Photo: Getty Images

Dabo Swinney winding up for a big launch (cord’s attached, bro)

Photo: Getty Images

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt… frustrated

Photo: sbnation

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