15 Surprising Horse Head Mask Sightings

Photo: reddit

A shirtless wearer of the Internet-famous horse head mask, created over a decade ago, brought the symbol of anonymity and creepiness to an even wider audience last week when he went for a leisurely Hurricane Sandy jog. A television station in Washington, D.C. broadcast the man (who wore some awesome shorts, by the way), and the clip went viral, netting over five million views.

The shirtless jogger ranks second to only “Horseboy” as the mask’s most mainstream moment. But horse mask aficionados have adventured elsewhere, sometimes turning heads, often with no one watching, many times at Major League Baseball games. You’ve probably had sexual relations with at least one horse head mask-wearer. Not judging.

Check out some surprising sightings below…

On Google street view in Aberdeen, Scotland

Photo: KnowYourMeme

At the Ryder Cup

Photo: reddit

Riding on top of an elephant in Laos

Photo: reddit

Under water

Photo: wynkcountry

In a synagogue

Photo: Amazon

Box seats at a Phillies-Marlins game

Photo: bobsblitz

On the University of Chicago homepage

Photo: reddit


Photo: reddit

At college with CNN’s John King

Photo: wknycountry

Down a roller coaster

Photo: wknycountry

Dancing with a live band, Radioactive Chicken Heads

At Yosemite National Park

Drinking beer at a San Francisco Giants game

Getting ejected from a Milwaukee Brewers Game


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