Hood State Of The Union Predicts Carmelo Gets A Ring, Someday

Credit: Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony is a polarizing figure. Drafted the same year as LeBron, he could be King James’ biggest rival. “Could be,” but he’s not. The two have history, playing each other as far back as high school. However, Anthony hasn’t lived up to the hype. Not only did the New York Knicks go “all-in” on Melo by trading away half their team to get him from the Nuggets, but they let him run the team. Melo don’t like coach Mike D’Antoni? Gone! Melo don’t like playing second fiddle to Jeremy Lin? GONE!

The Brooklyn native might be a diva and has yet to play up to his potential, but the guy is still really damn good. That’s why Charlamagne Tha God argues with Lil Duval that Melo will get a ring…at some point in his career. Maybe not with the Knicks…but someday…

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