Today’s Dumbass: Attorney Busted For Drawing Penises All Over Office After Eviction

Photo: Dallas County Jail

A disgraced Texas lawyer, who already faces charges for stealing from his clients, is back in jail for a mature reaction to getting evicted from his upscale office: allegedly destroying the place with a sledgehammer, leaving feces and urine on the floor and adorning every single wall in the place with penis graffiti. Ladies and gentlemen, Thomas Corea, attorney-at-law.

Maybe Corea will argue that he’s just a misunderstood artist who (like Jonah Hill in Superbad) expresses himself by drawing phallic images. But that would be a tough sell, considering an additional derogatory message left for a judge who once held Corea in contempt, plus $100,000 or so worth of damage to the property.

It should come as no surprise that Corea apparently conducts himself like an overgrown child in court. While the building’s landlord testified, the judge ordered Corea to “refrain from making faces at the witness.” If convicted of stealing from clients, he’ll almost certainly never get his license back. Next career move: art school?

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