Today’s Badass: Man Dies At Polling Location, Still Votes

Photo: Getty Images

An elderly Michigan man actually died Election Day at his polling location, but was brought back to life thanks to the swift intervention of a nurse who performed CPR.

“I was filling out the form as were an elderly couple sitting at a nearby table,” said the 48-year-old rescuer, Ty Houston, according to the Detroit News. “His wife, who was helping him fill out the ballot, asked him a couple of questions but he didn’t respond. She screamed for help and I went over to see what I could do.”

Apparently the Grim Reaper has to kill the man harder next time. Now the incredible thing is, when the man began came back from the other side, first thing he asked was “Did I vote?” (He had.) Pretty incredible. We would have figured he said, “Man, that sucked!” or “Close call, honey!” or “Round of shots on me!!!” No. He was a man on a mission, singularly focused on his civic duty, come hell or high water or even temporary death. For an encore, he’ll have to come back to life at a drive thru window. “Did I order?!”

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