Students Launch First Hamburger Into Space

Credit: NASA/Getty Images

Lots of kids dream of becoming astronauts, only to have their dreams crushed because it’s really, really hard. Still, they can do the next best thing: blast weird things into space and film it.

That’s what five friends at Harvard recently did, launching the first hamburger to go 30,000 meters up. Using a weather balloon, a digital camera and GPS, the students recorded video of the hamburger’s epic flight. As impressive as this is, their bizarre experiment isn’t the first. To quote the opening and closing lines of the poem “High Flight:” “Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth…Put out my hand and touched the face of God.”


The worst part of being an astronaut is the gross, dehydrated food. Thanks for working on that, Harvard geniuses.


Warm beer is undrinkable beer. If you don’t have an ice chest or a refrigerator, just launch it into orbit for a quick chill.


A Twinkie will stay good through anything, even a cosmic voyage. This kid eats it and seems fine.


Maybe you’re a health nut who avoids burgers and beers and Twinkies? Fine, enjoy your maki, freshly delivered from space. (Just hope that reentering the atmosphere doesn’t cook it.)

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