Bruce Springsteen Made Chris Christie Cry Tears Of Joy

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is Bruce Springsteen’s biggest fan (no pun intended), having seen The Boss more than 130 times. But no matter how many times the Republican politician showed up backstage, hoping for a quick word with his hero, Springsteen–an outspoken liberal–refused to grant an audience.

This made Christie very, very sad. And understandably so. Can you imagine your favorite artist refusing to acknowledge your existence? It would be crushing! (Almost as crushing as Christie accidentally sitting on you.)

But in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, both Christie and Springsteen are putting their political b.s. behind. First, Christie bro-hugged President Obama during a joint tour of the disaster zone. And then, at a benefit telethon that raised $23 million for charity, Springsteen bro-hugged Christie, which brought the governor/#1 fan to tears.

“Bruce and I had an opportunity to chat for a while,” Christie recounted, no longer weeping. “We hugged and he told me, ‘It’s official, we’re friends.'”

However you feel about Bruce’s and Christie’s politics, it’s a pretty awesome story. We’re getting kinda misty ourselves.

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Marty Beckerman (@martybeckerman) is the Associate Editor of Guy Code Blog