BrooklyKnight, The NBA’s Newest Mascot To Laugh At!

The Seattle Sasquatch. The Suns Gorilla. Hugo the Hornet. And now…BrooklyKnight.

The NBA mascot is an all-American tradition that straddles the line of ridiculously tragic to unintentionally hilarious. Sure, they’re meant for kids, but as we all know the league has become far more about the swagger of its players than promoting good ol’ fashioned family fun. When the Brooklyn Nets opened their building this past Saturday, the crowd was introduced to BrooklyKnight. Conceived by Marvel Comics (!), he swooped down on fans to cheer the team on. Beware, Nets opponents, BrooklyKnight is in the building and he is wearing a metal helmet with a cape!

sly the fox

As strange as BrooklyKnight is, though, we can’t help looking back at the Nets’ previous mascot: Sly the Silver Fox. We don’t know many foxes that live in Jersey, but we’ll give this guy credit. Back before the team’s days in Brooklyn we imagine the Fox had a tough time entertaining the 36 Nets fans that would turn out for games. And just to kick things up, the Nets would occasionally trot out Lil’ Fox–Sly’s tiny companion because, hey, why have one guy sweating his balls off in a costume when you can throw a dwarf alongside with him?

We wish the Nets good luck this season. As for BrooklyKnight, he’s got his work cut out for him. One false joust, and the boos will rain down. Maybe the Nets can stick him with a little person in a jester costume and call him “The Court Nets-ter?”

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RG Daniels (@RGDaniels) is a Brooklyn comedian and former Knicks fan/current Nets fan.