Tim Tebow Dating Joe Jonas’s Ex Camilla Belle

Photos: Getty Images for Michael Kors, Getty Images  Sport

The NFL’s most famous backup quarterback has played sparingly for the Jets this season but according to TMZ, Tim Tebow is getting some action off the field with 26-year-old actress Camilla Belle. We don’t mean to say that Tebow’s under center, or a member of the hands team, or penetrating the line of scrimmage, or anything perverted like that. But he is her personal protector!

Alright, they’re dating. The gorgeous Belle was raised Catholic and as you know Tebow is very religious, a devout Christian. Belle also used to date Joe Jonas, a committed Evangelical Christian. So Tim’s got seconds. Put another way, Jonas was just junior varsity…

A recent Sports Illustrated poll of 180 NFL players found that Tebow was the number-one most overrated player in the league, but screw it, he’s apparently number one in Camilla’s heart and that’s not a bad place to be.

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