6 Most ‘Un-Bondlike’ James Bond Moments

Credit: Greg Williams/Getty Images

James Bond has been the alpha dog of debonair heroes for nearly 60 years. He saves the world dozens of times, each time nearly dying himself, while sipping a well-shaken martini and never breaking a sweat. However, no character, not even Bond, can star in two dozen feature-length films without having a few awkward and ridiculous (“Un-Bondlike”) moments.

It’s hard to think of a character who’s killed more bad guys and slept with more gorgeous women than Bond. But there are scenes in the film series that don’t hold up so well. In honor of the upcoming release of “Skyfall,” here are six of those moments.

Head Rush

In “Live and Let Die,” James Bond faced off against Dr. Kananga. Of course, Dr. Kananga has an underground lair with a shark pool. When Bond and Kananga fall into water, it’s not the shark that Kananga should be worried about. It’s a pellet that makes you float into the air and then explode.

California Girls

After Bond’s snowmobile breaks down, he’s forced to use a makeshift snowboard to escape down a mountain. This scene in “A View To A Kill” is pretty badass, but the Beach Boys music seems like an odd choice.

Jaws Likes The Ladies

With his massive size and mouth full of metal, Jaws in “Moonraker” is one of one of the toughest henchmen in all the Bond films. But we all have our weakness. For Jaws, it’s a large pair of breasts.

Bond Goes To Venice

When Bond goes to Venice in “Moonraker,” a regular gondola won’t do. He needs one with a motor that can also turn into hovercraft. It may not be the coolest thing Bond’s ever driven, but it does make a pigeon do a double-take.

Terrible CGI

In “Die Another Day,” Bond has to escape from a collapsing glacier that creates a massive wave by using nothing but a parachute and a surfboard. Sounds exciting, but it looks terrible.

Crocodile Walk

Bond has to run over the back of live crocodiles in “Live and Let Die.” The stuntman actually had to run over the backs of real crocodiles. After watching all the attempts, the final scene barely seems worth the danger.

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