Memes: Kamala Creeps You Out For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. Ghouls and ghosts and all that other crap have invaded our lives. By now, you should have your costume picked out, your party spot determined and your crew in tow. This year promises to be just as crazy as Halloweens in the past, which is why we decided to get a little crazy for our next set of WWE memes featuring classic superstars.

Kamala was also known as “The Ugandan Giant.” He feuded with Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, where it was strangely revealed that he had a fear of snakes. After leaving the WWE for a short while he returned as a heel-turned-face. Although with that face we see nothing, but evil. We couldn’t think of a better wrestler to help us celebrate Halloween. Or rather, creep us the f*** out for Halloween.

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RG Daniels (@RGDaniels) is a comedian, writer, and former Knicks fan/current Nets fan in Brooklyn, NY.