VIDEO: Halloween Costumes That Are Scary In The Wrong Way

What a guy chooses to wear says a lot about him, whether it’s his profession, his sophistication, his hipness… or, in some cases, his lack of all three. This is doubly true on Halloween, when a costume choice reveals your sense of humor, your knack for originality or the depths of your sick mind. It’s a once-per-year opportunity to impress babes and buddies alike.

With reward, however, comes risk. For every guy whose brilliant costume makes him the life of the party, someone else is that weird dude in the corner making everyone kinda nervous. To help you avoid being the latter, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre regulars Ray DeVito and Harry Terjanian have collected the dumbest costumes imaginable: the Death Star (good luck with the ladies in that one, champ), morbidly obese Flash (the red spandex bulge will haunt your dreams forever), sexy baby (we feel wrong just typing those words together), and other outfits that are creepy in all the wrong ways.

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