Idiot or Awesome: Man Divorces, Sues Wife For Ugliness And Wins

Photo: Costa Rica Times

Money can’t buy love, but it can buy you some exceptional plastic surgery, as you can see from the above before-and-after photos of a Chinese woman who spent a reported $100,000 reconfiguring her face. With her new appearance, she found herself a husband. It was happily ever after… until they had a baby. A really ugly baby.

So convinced about his (and his wife’s) non-ugly genes, the man accused his wife of infidelity, prompting her to confess that–prior to meeting him–she looked very, very different. He then sued her, seeking $120,000 in damages, for duping him into marrying under false pretenses. (Specifically, that she had attractive genes and therefore would not give birth to a horrible looking-baby.) And he won! Father of the year, this guy.

Let’s look into this further–and keep in mind, the story originates with some Macedonian news agency that we’ve never heard of, so we’re not 100 percent sure about its veracity.


He married her. He loved her. They had a child together. His only complaint is a totally superficial one. Plus, his wife is much more attractive as a result of the procedures. Why add insult to injury with the lawsuit? How ugly is ugly enough for a baby to warrant $120,000 worth of damages? Is there a sliding scale? We’re not sure if that’s the monetary value associated with a lifetime of having a hideous child, or money that’s supposed to make him whole for marrying a woman who didn’t disclose a surgery from her past. (Or maybe it’s so he can afford to give the baby plastic surgery?) Either way, this guy is real shallow.


She wasn’t forthcoming about her past. She completely misrepresented her genetic makeup. What’s a relationship without honesty and trust? And let’s face it, part of a relationship is physical attraction. Based on appearances, she’s a different person to him than the one he thought he knew. This isn’t “Shallow Hal” but real f***ing life. Justice is served!

What do you say?


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