36 Best Fantasy Basketball Team Names For 2012-2013

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Out with the old: Grand Theft Rondo, Ron Artesticles, Boom Boom Pau, Chris Kaman Your Pants, Dance to Thabeet, Nashed Potatoes and McGrady, The Count of Monta Ellis, Diaw-rrhea, Maggette & Meatballs, Gay Love Sessions, Yao Know What I Ming, Redick in a Box, Durant Durant, Love Shaq, Shot of Jamison and You Can’t Curry Love. And in with the new. A few months ago we had a lot of fun curating and brainstorming the 36 best fantasy football names of 2012 and now it’s time for some fantasy hoops wittiness. (If NHL commish Gary Bettman is telling the truth, you won’t see a fantasy hockey post anytime soon.) They’re vulgar, plays on pop culture, clever and probably inspiration for your own squad, so let’s get to it after the jump(shot) in no particular order.

1. Ibaka Flocka Flame

2. Dion Waiters, Please

3. Bismack Markie

4. Unibrow Beatdown

5. Wake & Blake

6. Honeycutt Boo Boo

7. License To Ilyasova

8. Ezeli as 1, 2, 3’s

9. Fab Melodrama

10. Okurtober Fest

11. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Our Savior

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12. How I Mehmet Your Mother

13. The Big Deng Theory

14. 50 Shades of Aaron Gray

15. Business Rasual

16. We Run the Knight

17. Hold the Mayo

18. Broad Side of a Bargnani

19. Head-on Collison

20. Kidd Gloves

21. Temporary Linsanity

22. Apocalypse Noah

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23. The Granger Zone

24. Gym Tan Landry

25. Rose Before Hoes

26. North by Northwestbrook

27. Oscar Meyers Leonard Weiner

28. When Dunleavy Breaks

29. Assault and Battier

30. Hinrich Maneuver

31. Deng Girl!

32. Harrison Barnes & Noble

33. Austin Rivers Runs Through It

34. Man Walks into a Barea

35. Andrew Bynum in Bulk

36. Seed of Stuckey

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