Today’s Badass: 12-Year-Old Girl Rebuilds Pontiac Fiero

Photo: CNN

At age 12, Michigan girl Kathryn DiMaria sat down her parents to tell them … she wanted to buy a Pontiac Fiero with her babysitting money, to rebuild so she could drive it when she turned 16. “Lots of miles, but solid chassis and a few spare parts,” her father initially posted to a Fiero forum, part of a greater Fiero community that’s taken her under its wing, contributing some cash, spare parts and knowledge.

So it turns out Megan Fox’s character from “Transformers” — a little girl who grew up as daddy’s little grease monkey — is not at all a mythological figure like a unicorn (sorry Bronies). Not that some ladies don’t dig cars, but you don’t meet Kathryn DiMarias every day. Now 14, she wants to become an engineer when she’s older, although she’s not done restoring the 1986 Fiero she bought for $450 two years ago. (By the way, the Fiero went out of production in 1989.) Right now, she’s rebuilding a 3.4-liter Camaro engine to replace the 2.8-liter the Fiero came with, according to CNN. After that, the water pump, then maybe some history homework and babysitting.

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