Ridiculous Movie Car Chase Clichés [Video]

Car & Driver magazine had the very bright idea of hiring Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein to host some short videos for humorous presentation and much more epic-ness. They succeeded. In the video below, Morenstein takes viewers through five of the biggest movie car chase clichés, drawing on Hollywood’s long tradition of chase scenes in action flicks. Done right, they’re still entertaining, but it’s fun to point out the car chase staples.


Great video, but respectfully, we’d like to add a few items:

+ Driving on sidewalks: Because it adds a layer to a run-of-the-mill chase, invites more obstacles and the horrified look of…

+ Pedestrians who always manage to dive out of the way: Sorry, but not every random person on a sidewalk has catlike reflexes. We’re not advocating vehicular manslaughter in film, but, you know, maybe more life-threatening injuries.

Somehow, the chase car manages to catch up no matter how far behind: After all, there’s no chase otherwise…

+ Driving down alleys: Watch out for hobos!

Guy hanging from the hood of a car: Just watch out for the windshield wiper spray!

+ Keys: Characters involved in a chase rarely, if ever, fumble when hustling to take the wheel. The only people that struggle to start the ignition are those escaping from a predator attempting to grab them before a faulty ignition works on a last-ditch effort.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) is a writer living in New York.