13 Dope Pumpkin ‘Carvings’ Of Major 2012 Figures

Halloween means different things to a variety of people. For kids, it’s a chance to collect a stomachache-inducing amount of candy in a very short period of time. For many teenagers, Halloween means mischief, haunted houses or handing out candy to the kids. And then for 20- and 30-somethings, October 31 signifies an opportunity to dress up for a Halloween party as a barely-clothed kitten, a president  or something else topical. The one constant is pumpkin carving and now we’ve got some pumpkinspiration for you: London Olympics standout Usain Bolt and 12 other major 2012 figures — athletes, a musician, a comedian, politicians and one of “Guy Code“‘s own.


Louis C.K.

Melanie Iglesias

Felix Baumgartner

Kanye West

LeBron James

McKayla Maroney

Walter White

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Eli Manning


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