Tough Mudder Conquered By Chubby Guy Code Blogger

Tough Mudder bills itself as “Probably The Toughest Event On The Planet” and their video marketing makes it appear that way. They depict super-fit athletes struggling through 12 miles of over 20 various obstacles. However, that’s just the footage promoters want you to see. They don’t show bloggers with 27.2% body fat and no training also completing the race, which is exactly what I did this weekend.

Tough Mudder approached me a few days before the race and offered me free entry into the event, as long as I’d write about my experience. I had done zero training outside my normal routine of playing basketball once a week and occasionally jogging when I feel guilty for drinking too much Dos Equis beer.

I decided to do it despite my lack of muscle or preparation. If nothing else, it’d make for some funny video of me struggling through thick mud that smells like crap. My friends, family and coworkers all thought this to be an unwise decision to say the least. I even met with Mishka Shubaly, an ultra-runner and author of “The Long Run,” to get some last minute tips. All he told me was, “You’re going to die.”

Coincidentally, Tough Mudder does make you sign a death waiver before competing … so Mishka might have had a point. However, if I’ve learned anything in this life, you can fake your way through just about anything as long as you have confidence. #GuyCode

Shout out to Dos Equis for letting me in VIP tent afterward. Those beers really helped numb the pain.

For a great head-cam video of this event , check out Tony Zavala’s video of his team the Dirty Birds.

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Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) is the Editor of Guy Code Blog
Jim Tews (@JimTews) shot and edited the video