Idiotic or Awesome? Burger King Japan Makes Pumpkin Burger

Photo: Burger King

From the fast food chain that brought you the Black Burger (Kuro Burger) and the S***load of Bacon Burger comes Burger King Japan’s BK Pumpkin — a limited time offering that combines two slices of kabocha (known as Japanese pumpkin) with a traditional bacon burger. There’s also an upgrade for the extreme pumpkin lovers, the “pumpkin bomb” option for which BK workers will pile 10 slices of pumpkin atop a slab of beef, leaving behind mortar shells, thousands of scattered seeds and crying children. Seriously, though: there is a “pumpkin bomb” option. Get the BK Pumpkin in Japan starting October 26th. Is this making you cringe or salivate? Let’s get a consensus with your vote in today’s Idiot or Awesome.


This smells like a seasonal marketing ploy. Why mess with a bacon burger? That’s offensive to bacon burgers. If we wanted an extra serving of vegetable(s), we’d 1) get it on the side or 2) ask for a stack of time-tested onions.


It’s festive. A change of pace. Get some vegetables lathered in a creamy, savory nut sauce (with sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts) to go with that slab of beef. Perfect for you and sexy Halloween nurses.

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