8 Funny Videos Of Japanese Prank Shows

Japan has produced some of the world’s most beautiful forms of artistic expression, but one in particular is so beautiful, so perfect, that no other country can top it. We’re not talking about origami, Kabuki theater or gardening. We’re talking about prank shows. It’s not just that the pranks are original and elaborate. It’s also that they sometimes show a complete disregard for the physical and mental well-being of those being pranked. Spend a few minutes watching a Japanese prank show, and you’ll feel ashamed of every time you bragged about pranking your roommate with plastic wrap over the toilet seat. Here are a few videos of the masters at work.

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Sniper Fire

The man being pranked thinks he is filming a documentary about telephone scammers. Instead of getting his interview, he finds out how he would react to three men being shot in front of him by a sniper. Not surprisingly, he gets very scared.

Sit, Relax, Get Propelled Naked Onto A Ski Slope

We’re guessing that if this game show was in America that the network would be sued immediately. If not for launching someone naked onto a ski slope then at least for putting them in a rocket-powered sled without their consent.

Who’s That Girl In The Mirror?

This guy shouldn’t feel ashamed about his reaction. Anyone would get scared by this. But we do hope that he saw the movie “The Ring” and said he didn’t think it was scary.

Angry Mobs And Naked Men

Would you rather suddenly be trampled by an angry mob or briefly share a tub with a dozen naked men? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Elevating Toilet

If these videos teach any lesson, it’s that if you ever take your clothes off in Japan, assume something terrible will happen to you.

Good Morning!

If you are pregnant or have a heart condition, do not go to sleep in Japan.

Bottomless Pit

Relax, it’s not a bottomless pit. They just used a camera trick to make it look that way. It’s probably only a 20-30 foot drop. Also, it’s her own fault for not using those plungers to hang from the wall.

One Final Montage

Lastly, here’s a few pranks featuring monsters in boxes, killer boulders and exploding cigarettes.

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